Our mission is to empower, educate, and enhance the student-athlete experience at the University of Iowa, for performance, overall health to live well-fueled, positive lives, so that our athletes can be thriving, influential people of the community.


At the University of Iowa we strive to provide resources through fuel stations and education to ensure our student athletes have the resources they need to better fuel and meet their training needs.


At the University of Iowa, we not only want our student athletes to fuel themselves, but also know what they put into their bodies to best meet their performance goals through nutrient timing, adequate fuel, and quality fuel.


We want our student athletes at the University of Iowa to utilize their fuel to maximize their performance and have the knowledge to fuel not only on the field, but off the field as well.

Fueling Stations

The purpose of the fueling stations is to fuel before or after training, snack between meals and in the evening.

You should plan ahead, take what you will eat, adjust based upon goals, intensity, and volume of training, select items with a purpose, be mindful to others No hoarding: this takes away from teammates and fellow athletes